Transparent led display

The unique led display

Transparent led display means that: “transparency” is the biggest feature.
The traditional led screen is opaque, It has some problems, such as too heavy screen body, poor heat dissipation, complicated structure, high consumption, and so on. So that a transparent led display is coming.

BBC-display have this types of model: TL3.91, TL4.46, TL5.21, TL6.25,TL8.93、TL10.42, TL12.5, TL15.63, TL19.23, TL31.25, TL50.

Outdoor transparent led display

Good showing effects

1. It has very good performance: such as ultra-transparent, intelligent high refresh, energy-saving. Its transparency rate can reach 95%, light-transmitting, ventilate. It won’t affect lighting, sight.

2. Adopting a new light strip type side-emitting LED design, using the metal structure and aluminum alloy structure rugged, so it’s light, thin, easy to maintain.

3. Multi-color conversion: the display unit can customize the color requirements according to the envåironment.

4.Smart control: User can control the screen with WIFI, APP, or Cloud.

5.Easy to install: curtain light will be inserted directly into the preset horizontal structure, connect the data cable, power cable well can finish the installation.


The transparent display

It is a new revolution in the led display industry, which is also the best solution for the shopping malls to advertise. Without affecting the lighting to the building.

The transparent wall display from BOBANGCHENG is totally maintaining from the front side, and it’s power effective and convenient for your advertising.

Transparent LED Poster
Transparent led poster
Transparent led screen
Transparent led screen
Transparent LED display
transparent LED display
LED mesh
LED mesh

Display specific

Transparent led display details

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