"Hi Papa, This is our earth, right?"

Spherical LED display is often used in history museums, science and technology museums geopark, and schools, it can display our green earth in vivid effect.

How to customize

Please kindly talk about the details with our product expert with the below points.

1. What’s the size(Dimension);

2. The way of installation, hanging or standing;

3. Design style(Drawing/sketch would be great );

4. Outdoor or indoor;

More infomation you provide, a more professional solution will offer to you.

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full color sphere led display
Our sphere Led display advantage

Our Advantages

sphere flexible led panel

Flexible panel

High flexibility: P2 / P2.5 / P3 / P4 / P5, etc soft panel, super bending angle, strong flexibility. Stitched as needed, and treatment of the screen, drums, surfaces.

Quick install

Thanks to we have over 13 years of product experience, and the professional product experts to build the communication bridge between workshop and customers. 


Strictly testing​

To ensure you will be satisfied with our led products. 48 hours play test, performance test(crevice, panel board, lamp beads), tight packing is essential.

1. Your inquiry will be replied to within 12hrs(or faster);
2. OEM&ODM are available, our product experts will be a bridge between you and our all department;
3. Distributorship are offered for your unique design and some of our current models;
4. Protection of your sales area, ideas of design, and all your private information;
5. 2 years warranty quality, professional service, and competitive prices;
6. More products: rental led screen, fixed led display, and LCD products.

Pre-sales support:
1.Offer technical advice to you before buying our products.
2.Help you to choose suitable products within budget with the most economic benefit.
3.Design the framework structure to install our led products with technical drawings.
4.We offered software customization for your specific usage.

After-sales service:
1.We promise you two years of warranty service;
2.We provide free maintenance services including remote configuration, technical consultation, and troubleshooting for you;
3.We promise a lifetime follow-up service for all the equipment supply by our company. These include continuously improve system functions and upgrade of system software.
4.Offered training to our customers who includes the operating and maintenance of our products.

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