What are the advantages of rental led video wall display ?

The led video wall rental, one kind of screen specially used for stage, event show, performance, and art activities. The activity is temporary, so we are not considering using a fixed led display. because that will increase our cost, for example, time, labor cost, and money. So that we will find a more convenient screen for showing.

Therefore, a rental led display is the best solution for stage, event, etc. Generally, it can move and easily install wherever you want. and it can hire from the distributor if you don’t want to spend a lot money. that’s the reason it called rental led display.

The led video wall rental has a very wide range of applications. it can use in the stage, backdrop, song and dance party, news conference, stadium, theater, auditorium, and wherever you can imagine.

Therefore, some of the advantages are clear:

1. Light and ultra thin

Usually, the cabinet of the traditional led screen is too heavy to move, hard to install, it weighs more than 45 kg/㎡. But the rental screen is different from the tradition screen, its cabinet was made do aluminum, more light , about 20 kg/㎡. less than 20 kg. So that, rental screen is more easy install and move than the traditional screen.

2. More stable

I think that is one of the major ingredients why we choose led video wall rental for an event. that is stable. The rental screen is frequently used in advertising, performance, party, news conference and other large-scale activities. Move, install, disassemble… again and again. Therefore, its stability plays a very important role in the whole process.

So, we pay more attention in the stability. Before the shipment, though the functional test and stability test (over 48hours play test) to ensure the screen’s quality.

3. Quick installation

Due to the aluminum structure of the cabinet, the weight is lighter, the precision is higher. A quick-lock connector will help the user to assemble disassemble without 5 minutes. Save time and labor costs.

4. Long server life

LED light is the main component that will affect screen life, high temperature is the killer of LED light. In order to keep a long server life, reduce the led display temperature is necessary. Aluminium cabinet is the ideal material. lighter, fast cooling.