Led video wall manufacturers: How many types of led display it has?

As a led video wall manufacturers, we know there are many kinds of LED display, which can be divided by display color, model, application environment, display function and packaging mode. let’s see how many types of screen it has.

Full color led display-Led video wall manufacturers
Full color led display

1、 By color

LED display screen can be divided into single color LED display screen (led text scrolling screen..), full-color screen (generally, it also used to display subtitles), LED full color screen (now commonly used in LED display screen)

(1) Led single color refers to the display screen has only one color of luminous material, mostly single red.

(2) Led dual color screen is generally composed of red and green LED diodes, which generally display subtitles, text, and it can also display pictures, but the effect is lacking.

(3) Full-color LED screen, RBG, display all kinds of pictures, and we see the TV computer display effect is the same, but the LED display has higher brightness, better color, stronger protection, longer service life, and the brightness can be self-adjusting, which is also very good for indoor application.

2. By pixel

In addition to a wide variety of LED display, the pixel is more diverse. People usually divide the led screen model by pixel spacing, because LED display is made of LED lights.

Pixel is the number LED lights in a led screen. The pixel pitch is the distance between two points of the led lights center, the unit is mm. For example, P2.0 mean distance between two led lights center is 2.0 mm.

Generally, the pixel pitch below p2.5(2.5 mm) is called small pixel pitch led display, while the pixel pitch below 1 mm is preferred to COB display. It has too many models by pixel pitch: P1.0, P1.5, P1.6, P2.0…….P4.0, P5, P6, P8, P10, P16 and so on. But different pixel pitch is suitable for different applications.

The smaller of pixel pitch is, the better display effect, the clearer picture, softer color, and lower energy consumption per unit point… More importantly, the smaller pixel pitch, the shorter viewing distance can be.

3. By environment

(a)Outdoor led display

LED display is the dominant display of outdoor advertising. There is no other material display screen can compare with. High brightness is a big advantages of LED display screen. The outdoor light is affected by direct sunlight, the brightness of the screen too dark to achieve display effect at all; Second, outdoor led display has a good protect performance, waterproof, dampproof, antioxidant etc.

(b)Indoor led display

Indoor led display is different from the outdoor display,it doesn’t need the function of waterproof.

It has also a wide range of applications, suitable for the studio, showroom, conference room, and so on. Usually, the pixel pitch of the indoor led screen is smaller than the outdoor. Because the viewing distance is shorter, the higher indeed request of definition.

Due to the screen is for an indoor environment, the brightness does not need too high, but it’s no problem nowadays, for most of the led board, the brightness is adjustable.

4. By function

LED display can realize interactive experience, immersion experience, stereoscopic display, naked eye 3D, VR… The specific effect can be completed according to their own needs, so the display effect is also very strong;

5. By installation methods

There are two installation methods of the led display, One is fixed, it can’t move again while it finished installation. It including, indoor/outdoor, transparent display. Another one is rental, it can free installation and disassemble and move wherever you want.

Rental led display is more suitable for music event, church, stage backdrop etc.

As a led video wall manufacturers we have been focus on led display industry for 13 years. All in all, led display is a big industy with a large application. For more classification of LED display, you can see our product categories.