Catching customers ’ eyeing in no time, no matter indoor, outdoor. A smart led poster can help the vendor showing well the promotion campaign, new arrival information.

It's a very good display solution for my wedding business, we don't have to print the poster for each couple. Import the picture, video of the Groom and Bride. It works well and more convenient.
John Doe

Smart split screen

Various usage, optional ways of split-screen, support HD pictures or videos, split or mixed display mode.

optional ways of split-screen

4 connet methods

LED poster connet methods

4 installation methods

Led poster installation methods

6 creative splicing modes

creative splicing modes​

Details (Style can be customeized)

LED porster detaill
led mirror display

LED mirror screen’s advantages
1. light and thin screen, front maintenance, high-end atmosphere and fashionable design strive to present in appearance design, and the installation mode is flexible and changeable, which can meet the installation requirements of various application scenarios.

2. The system adopts a zero setting design, which is simple and convenient to operate, and advertising plug and play. It can also be remotely monitored and managed through mobile app intelligence, so that everything can be mastered. Led “mirror screen” can be spliced arbitrarily, so it is larger in area, wider in view than traditional LCD and DLP, and therefore more striking and stronger in visual impact.

3. In the static state, the requirements for color and clarity are more obvious than that of dynamic video. The viewer is more careful in the static state, and has its superb place in dealing with the ink and ripples in close range.

4. Stability, can let the static picture control in a few seconds, will not appear when the phenomenon of fast and slow. There is also stability in control management system, information release, and so on.

5. Led mirror screen application field
Retail is one of the most important application fields of LED mirror advertising screens. In addition to indoo, outdoor advertising led poster is also developing rapidly. Whether people are waiting for traffic green light, or looking for a clothing store with a good heart or wandering around for a while, led mirror advertising screen can successfully catch everyone’s attention.

Other fields such as shopping center, catering industry, product conference, wedding, hotel, airport, luxury store, chain store, reception hall, mobile screen, real-time video, catering industry, reception hall, product conference, mobile screen, chain store and other places are also very suitable for LED mirror screen.

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