Flexible LED dispaly

Flexible soft led display screen

Flexible led display—show the world through a different shape.


1. Made of SMD2121;
2.1920Hz high refresh,1/32 scan;
3.Large viewing angle, up to 360 degree;
4.Assembling by module directly;
5.Front service, easy to maintain;

Available panel size & pixel pitch:

320*160 mm: P1.86, P2.0, P2.0, P2.5,P5
192*192 mm: P3
200*150 mm: P1.56
240*120 mm: P1.875, P2, P2.5, P3
256*128 mm: P2, P4

flexibel led display panel
flexibel led display panel
flexibel led display panel

Flat Cable Plug​

Easy for flat cable connection between led modules and led modules. Module Flat cable use 16 pin charge, 16 pin cable makes signal
transmission more stable.

flexibel led display panel20


Use full color smd 3 in 1 led lamp, led module color is adjustbale. brightness is also customizable. We could adjust brightness according to customer’s requirement.

flexibel led display panel20


Customizable, refresh could be 1920 or 3840 Hz by using different IC. 960 or 1920 Hz is suitable for fixed installation, 1920 or 3840Hz refresh is suitable for rental screen use.

Flexible soft led display screen
Flexible soft led display screen
Flexible soft led display screen

Seamless panel connection: Panels are stitched together via magnetic connection. This magnetic buckle design also ensures fast installation and replacement.

Space-efficient: Since these soft and Flexible led display are not enclosed inside a cabinet, they only take up 5mm space in thickness. So, you can install freely without worrying about space limitations.

Cost savings: Thanks to their lightweight design, up to 20 sq mts of soft LEDs put it inside one flight case. So, you get to save on both shipping and labor costs.

Easy servicing: With top and front access for service, maintenance becomes astonishingly quick and easy for the flexible led display.

Highly customizable: You decide the shape, size, color, and pixel pitch, and we will take care of the rest. With these soft and flexible LEDs, you don’t have to shy away from irregular shapes like circles, columns, ellipses, triangles, spheres, etc.

The panel‘s backside was made of a durable soft rubber module, Integrated SMD, IC, Circuit for easy maintenance and heat dissipation

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