It’s 120-240 Volts, watts depend on the screen.

1200-1800 Nits for indoor screen, 5000 nits for outdoor screen.

Yes, we have curvature built in from 0-15 degrees.

It depends on the size of your screen. For more information about the panel please click the link: https://www.bbc-display.com/led-display-panel

No MOQ for each item, and a paid sample is available too.

Ours are optimized for virtual production with the latest video processing technology. Each screen is color calibrated and quality tested prior to shipping. and certification and test report is available.  Unlike other LED display that has narrow viewing angles, Our display has a 160 degree viewing angle making them ideal for an LED volume.

It’s about 15-30 days, usually, it depends on your size.

All led displays with 2 years warranty, online support and accessories will be offered by express. Paid accessories available after 2 years warranty period.

Shipping cost depends on point of origin and tariffs applicable to each receiving country.

Each order comes with 0.3% additional panels.