Bobangcheng new-type receiver learning activity

The old saying goes, “Everybody has to lay the foundations of his success by study and hard work.” As socialist successors who love life and study, we should always insist in study at any time.
In recent days, in order to improve product cognition degree and expand working ideas, Bobangcheng led displays contacts with training personnel in a professional receiver company and Cartwright Company to train new-type receivers for employees. Cartwright Company is a national leading LED control solution provider. After employees study the model of new-type receivers, they will have the better understanding on products.
In the entire training study process, employees study carefully and consult with an open mind, showing good spirituality and diligent learning attitude. Everyone studies new product accessories, learn lots of relevant knowledge, and benefit a lot from lots of enlightenments.
Study is endless. Bobangcheng will insist in studying new products, improve work efficiency, improve the company image, and provide high-quality products and professional services for lots of users.

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